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Let me tell you a story no one knows about. A tale that succumbed to the test of time.

It happened a long time ago, so long that most people have forgotten everything about it. But Master witnessed the shebang of it. Every detail. Every dialogue. He wrote it in a pile of old, yellowish parchment paper. The writing was impossible to read for Residents. But my nocturnal vision allows me to share this vanished chronicle.

On the corner of Wolfpire Avenue was an archaic shop selling black market charms, clandestine weapons, forbidden fruits, and things most commoners wouldn’t know…

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Modern Crisis

There’s a shitload of misinformation in the modern world, leading many to disastrous consequences.

One of which that pisses me off the most is the idea of chasing women. Folks, the instant one puts women on a pedestal is the exact reason they will have painful regrets. There’s no game or strategies. No special techniques or theories. The only thing that matters is to focus on yourself. Put yourself first. Lead yourself and get better.

There are a number of points that are of utmost importance and men should achieve those before letting someone else enter their world.

Excellence not Women

Men are…

and why it’s harmful to do too much

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Thought Bubble

Let’s have a thought experiment. You are in a virtual realm and are given a choice of one activity that you can do for the rest of your life. The activity can be anything, sensual pleasure, video games, reading, binge-eating, going to the cinema etc. The only caveat is that once you have chosen it, you cannot revert your decision. On the other hand, you will be able to do it anytime you want for an indefinite amount of time.


To illustrate the concept, I will pick drinking water as my option. Let’s say I am thirsty on a blistering…

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Game theory can be used to explain relationships and in essence it’s about each party in a relationship trying to maximize their gains. Using the same principle in the prisoner’s dilemma, two people staying together will yield the greatest gain in the long run. In the short run however, if a person decides to cheat, that person will have even more gain and the cheated will have negative gain. Using K-level thinking, that person cheated on by the initial cheater will now make their next best move. That is to cheat. …

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I don’t believe in most things like Gods or religions or even science.

The one thing I do ground myself on is that Today is worth living.

Our lives are merely a finite series of days repeated over and over again.

Stop scrolling and really think about this seemingly basic and meaningless statement for a second.

We wake up, we eat, we finish our tasks, we spend time doing things we like and we don’t like and then we go back to sleep. Every day is the same but different.

The fact that you are reading this right now has meant you have been consciously or subconsciously making the choice that every day is indeed worth something, whatever that thing might be.

It’s your intrinsic and indelible spirit that drives all of this.

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Every fucking day, we wake up and mess around for a bit. We realize it’s another fucking day and we are stuck at home. There’s not much to do, except to check social media ad nauseam. We’ve all succumbed to the phone and the internet. It’s mad. It’s fucking boring. We try our best to have fun, but only to no avail.

Just fuck this. Fuck lockdown. Fuck everything. Sometimes, I think to myself why is this happening? Why is it that shit like this happens? I don’t know. All I know is it’s fucking insane.

Try and shout in…

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In a village away from the City, a child was born. He opened his eyes, exploring reality for the first time. The laughter, the joy, the gentleness from his mother, the comfort of a loving home. He did all the things that most kids did. Chasing butterflies, lying on a hammock and devouring poisonous mushrooms.

At the age of 10, he was sent to be a disciple of the Bastonian Art, an exalted and arcane form of magic mastered by the very few.

The Front Door of the Academy was adorned with mythical symbols, as well as archaic characters. Those…

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Impulse. This word reminds me of several things, classical mechanics, Fortnite and human behaviour.

In physics, impulse is introduced as a concept alongside with momentum They are closely related and are the fundamental concepts in Newtonian mechanics. To put it simply, momentum is the product of the mass of an object and its velocity. It’s a vector multiplied by a scalar and therefore it is a vector quantity. The momentum of an object in a closed system before and after collisions is conserved. The countless stars colliding in the pitch dark firmament are really a gigantic system with conserved momentum…

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Today was like any other day after rising from the ashes, like a Phoenix with stronger and more fiery wings. Flapping like a Butterfly, Howling like a Werewolf, Singing like Katniss, Eating like a Beast, above all, enjoying every bit from waking up to reading in the Library, having a debate to sprinting in the woods, bombarded with nonsensical words from a person.

There were only four of us on the School Coach today, it was quite exciting and I really enjoyed the illogical arguments and unsubstantiated points thrown at me, challenging my ability in x, y, z. …

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It was a morning, just trying to finish some of the work from yesterday. It started off fairly nice, talking about the book Behave, catching someone playing Clash Royale.

I was trying to focus on doing work on iterations and differentiation. The squared paper laid flat on a wooden table, made more bookish with pencils and rubbers around it. The cacophony of magical creatures and beings was like a blow to the ear, stark contrast to the hymns on Wednesday. The array of sentient beings was boundless. Builders, Witches, Fairies, Dragons, Zombies, Vampires and many more.

Barry Leung

Goldilocks 17y/o traversing the tapestry of life

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