We are all crazy as FUCK

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

Every fucking day, we wake up and mess around for a bit. We realize it’s another fucking day and we are stuck at home. There’s not much to do, except to check social media ad nauseam. We’ve all succumbed to the phone and the internet. It’s mad. It’s fucking boring. We try our best to have fun, but only to no avail.

Just fuck this. Fuck lockdown. Fuck everything. Sometimes, I think to myself why is this happening? Why is it that shit like this happens? I don’t know. All I know is it’s fucking insane.

Try and shout in your room. Say fuck the world. Fuck the government. Fuck everything that stops us from moving on and living our lives.

But that’s okay. Because every cloud has a silver lining and it will be great at some point as long as we keep trying.

P.S. Did you like this? I did. I am not actually crazy but it’s a great way to release energy without affecting others.

Goldilocks 17y/o traversing the tapestry of life

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