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Impulse. This word reminds me of several things, classical mechanics, Fortnite and human behaviour.

In physics, impulse is introduced as a concept alongside with momentum They are closely related and are the fundamental concepts in Newtonian mechanics. To put it simply, momentum is the product of the mass of an object and its velocity. It’s a vector multiplied by a scalar and therefore it is a vector quantity. The momentum of an object in a closed system before and after collisions is conserved. The countless stars colliding in the pitch dark firmament are really a gigantic system with conserved momentum. Impulse is the change in momentum, or the product of the force exerted on an object over a period of time. It is a change in momentum, like a person mustering their strength to fire the arrow of love with precision like Cupid, strong and swift.

In Fortnite, there’s a weapon called the Impulse Grenade. I am not a pro gamer but I like using it as a final resort to fight off predators on the Island. Harvesting with a pickaxe, aiming with eagle vision to finish off competitors, I really enjoyed the thrill of almost winning despite being obliterated by some 14 year-old gamer.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

In human behaviour, it is quite a broad and vague concept. To me, it’s people being emotional and rationalizing in times of adversity. Impulses are harmful in the long run, even though they give one short term relief for anger, horniness, impatience and many more.

P.S. I am so effing excited about Easter and life.

Goldilocks 17y/o traversing the tapestry of life

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