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Let me tell you a story no one knows about. A tale that succumbed to the test of time.

It happened a long time ago, so long that most people have forgotten everything about it. But Master witnessed the shebang of it. Every detail. Every dialogue. He wrote it in a pile of old, yellowish parchment paper. The writing was impossible to read for Residents. But my nocturnal vision allows me to share this vanished chronicle.

On the corner of Wolfpire Avenue was an archaic shop selling black market charms, clandestine weapons, forbidden fruits, and things most commoners wouldn’t know. The name of the shop was Shifter’s Bar, or as most called the Shift. It was the smallest shop, yet it seemed to attract beings with mythical powers, known as Shapeshifters, every fortnight.

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Residents and Shapeshifters had been at harmony for millennia. The two never seemed to have any conflict or confrontation.

Until the night where the first Full Moon came. The night where a curse was sealed. The night where harmony became a thing of the past.

That night, Master ran towards the Shift to get his type 2 potions for redemption, type 7 elk horns for craftmanship. He was chatting to the owner about the annual Sprint & Hunt in the Gloomy Forest.

‘There’s imminent danger this year, the pack from up north is coming and they are about to interfere the hunt and eliminate our young pups.’

‘This is not looking good because Full Moon is coming tonight. You may need more supplies for healing and recovery. This is going to leave catastrophic consequences for our land. Our secrets may be leaked to the Residents.’

Both Master and the owner were very troubled by this. Consumed by uncertainty and fear of eliminations, Master howled. He howled 3 times. At that time, 3 howls from the Alpha signified extreme danger. At full tilt, all of us transformed into gigantic wolves and we sprinted with all our might and agility to the main entrance of the Gloomy Forest where Master was distributing his scarce supplies.

I saw the potions, the horns and the enhanced claws for Strikers. Along with two others, I was given beaver’s blood to amplify my speed and nocturnal vision. 3 of us were Couriers and I was ordered to bring the remaining amulets to our allies from the East.

Unbeknownst to all of us, there were more enemies than expected. The pack from the North and the Ninjas flashed into existence out of nowhere. A second ago, it was quiet and eerily idyllic. In a split second, there was blood and howls of agony. It was quick and swift. Most of the Shapeshifters from our pack were smashed into smithereens by the Ninjas, and some were bleeding excruciatingly from bites of our enemies.

My natural instinct told me I needed to sprint at full force to get out of the bloodbath. At that very instant, I was confused and lost. But my wolf form allowed me to get to safety with agility. The only thing that mattered was to get the remaining amulets to our allies.

It was very cold and the chill got to my bones. Yet I knew there was something really important about those amulets and so I just focused and exerted every ounce of energy from the legs and the core. I tightened my torso to reduce drag from the wind. Gasping and panting, it took me 22 wolf minutes to get to our allies.

However it was too late, our allies were under attack. The assailants were the Residents. Their modern weapons were no match for our magic. Yet our lack of coordination and preparation became the catalyst for our disasters.

I ran away to the top of a hill, under a mahogany tree. I looked at those amulets for the first time and I realized those were magical items that could alter the time line and create parallel universe. There was a note in the pocket that said Protect and Revive the Pack.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

And so I howled under Full Moon and I held the amulets in my hands. Suddenly, everything seemed to have stopped. The next moment I remember was the same night when I heard the howls from Master. But this time I knew better, I told him everything from before and I altered the past and protected the future.

At the end, it was all good. Everything went back to harmony. We still had our annual Sprint & Hunt and life cycled on.

Goldilocks 17y/o traversing the tapestry of life

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