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Danger of Meritocracy

The more people believe that they achieve their success through their hard work alone, the more chaotic and callous society becomes.

THINK before you judge a person. Think about the privileges you are born with, the connections, the luck and the opportunities. Most people don’t get that, they need to work much harder and fight for their rights.

One should strive to be an elite, who is noble and kind. Not an elitist, who is authoritative and absolute.

Learn to be sophisticated, so that you can truly view the world through many lenses. Avoid being sophistic, using dishonest and deceiving words to judge.

In the long run, it will come back no matter who you are. That’s just how the universe works.

Think of Newton’s laws of motion, for every action, there’s a reaction in the opposite direction and equal in magnitude.

Or think of Chaos Theory, the flap of a butterfly can cause a tornado. A small action you have done now may not be significant in close proximity, but it will lead to something of great magnitude in the long run, catastrophic or epic.

Economics tells us that we are rational. Every decision we make almost always has some intrinsic self-serving purpose. It’d be unrealistic and uneducated to say that an action is purely altruistic.

Humans are complex, even the best person considered by your subjective lens can be seen as worst from another perspective.




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