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My name is Barry and I believe in shouting for those who can only whisper, in defending those who cannot defend themselves.
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Teaches me a lot of things. It teaches me words, books, science, history.

But what I also learn is that not that many people are brave or honest enough to say the obvious. The blatant truth about our world condensed into a small environment. I don’t think a perfect system exists, but that’s not an excuse for us to stay ignorant and oblivious. If anything, it serves as a robust reminder that there’s always something we can do for the betterment of ourselves and others.

Honest Conflict, Not Dishonest Harmony

Honest conflict means standing up for yourself without being a jerk. …

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They come in different forms, sizes and powers. They can be warriors who march in front of the army, assassins who swift through the battlefield, archers who wield their bows relentlessly.

Champions are made, not born. The journey to becoming a Champion starts with a spark. That spark is metaphorical and literal. It is a cause they believe in. A passion that drives them. An ambition that fuels them.

The most intrinsic value of a Champion is their heart, not their sword. A brave heart has the strength to endure challenges and scars, to wield the sword for good. For…

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Wolves. The Alpha. The Beta. The Delta. The Omega. They survive as a pack in the howling wind, scavenging for food and shelter. The Alpha leads, the subordinates follow.

The spirit of the wolf guides us all in performing our duty as Alphas and subordinates in the various dominance hierarchies we encounter as we traverse the unforgiving cold of winter, the blistering hot of summer in this cycle of life. Our first Alpha is our fathers and mothers who provide for us in our shelter, who protect us when we wander into the uncharted land.

Every cycle has a beginning…

In any relationship, the power always rests on the party who needs the other least. We can apply this principle to our relationship with life.

At the end of the day, life is simply an experience and none of us needs to have lived. Because death reminds us what matters is the relationships we form with our loved ones, the moments we create and treasure. All the physical materials, awards, fame, legacy are fleeting and temporary.

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Knowing this, we can establish the premise that we don’t actually need this experience called life. Yet because of this, we should be comfortable…

Justice is an idealistic principle that attempts to convince us that society is not apathetic or indifferent to our pain and suffering. In a broad sense, it serves as a theoretical foundation for giving people what they deserve. Human’s desire for life to be fair is the inception of justice.

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But is our desire for society to be fair as righteous and ethical as we perceive it to be?

Retributive justice is a form of justice that results in the restoration of suffering in another person. The perpetrator responsible for a wrongdoing receives retribution in the name of justice. …

Is catching. And if we burn, you burn with us. That’s what Katniss said to President Snow in the Hunger Games. I believe that it is a last-ditch effort for one to lead a revolution. Because racism is rife and alive. It’s only when we can see humans as humans rather than a particular group or colour can antagonism be eradicated. Science tells us that Homo Sapiens originated from Africa and we are remarkably similar because we share approximately 99.9% of genetic code with one another. We are lucky to be blessed with the knowledge of history so that we…

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Should you believe in a God?

To answer this question, we can examine and analyze arguments devised by philosophers over the century. Theists and Chrisitan Fundamentalists have come up with arguments like the First Cause, the Intelligent Design and the Ontological Arguments.

On the other hand, atheists propose ideas such as the Problem of Evil, the Paradox of Omnipotence, the idea of an infinite regress created within the Cosmological Argument.

The debate over the existence of God has inspired an array of arguments for and against its existence, which are based on science, logic, metaphysics, ontology and empiricism.

We will look at the basic argument of…


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13th September, 2021 was the first maths club meeting. We delved into a few warm up questions involving basic algebra, similar triangles and proofs.

The following was the question given at the end. We will solve the problem without explicit number theory.

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We are lucky to be on campus. They say the dining hall was terrible, that the rest of the animal spirit was destroyed. Our Captains stood at the door to keep us safe, and they divided us into 5 packs, factions, to maintain the tribalism.

The quick ones, the ones who value leaving the table as quick as possible over health are in Foxes. They don’t eat anything.

Pigeons take their time. They are all about having a good time with their friends, always in harmony.

Wolves value pack behaviour and order, they follow the big wolf and are afraid…

Before the invention of money, bartering served as the quintessential form of trading in early human society. As society progresses, money is invented as a form of government intervention.

With money, the model of supply and demand can be utilized to analyze market behaviour. Renowned for his lasseiz-faire economic beliefs, Adam Smith proposed the notion of the Invisible Hand as a metaphor for the invisible forces that correct the free market.

It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own self-interest. …

Barry - The Lion

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