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This word actually comes from cor, meaning heart. In one of the most primitive forms, the word courage had a completely different meaning to our modern notion of acts of bravery and heroism. It meant to speak one’s mind by telling one’s heart. Really, that’s assertiveness. …

its implications and war

By Barry Leung

Of course, everything matters. It’s called ceteris paribus in economics. All else equal, the one variable under consideration can always be altered to each individual’s preference. Think…

Who am I? My name is Leung Shun Lim. (梁信廉, Bazza) 信 means confidence. 廉 means integrity and honesty. I know. I might rant a lot. I might complain and point out the negatives amongst things. But why is no one ever stating the obvious? Perhaps, no one cares. …

Barry Leung

I am an eighteen year-old from Hong Kong, interested in writing, philosophy and mathematics.

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