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We believe in shouting for those who can only whisper, in defending those who cannot defend themselves.

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. — Friedrich Nietzsche

In a world of naysayers and conformists, it takes chaos to to guide one to greatness. Chaos means change. Even when no one believes in you, you are your own guiding spirit. One has to be willing to be the eagle superseding all the pigeons in order to grow. To keep flying and soaring high in the sky.

A small nudge at the fundamental level. An internal monologue to remind oneself of the motion and the challenge will then snowball into a tornado.

The fact that you are reading this means you still have the ability and energy to kickstart that tornado.

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Katniss in the Hunger Games.

Tris and Four in the Divergent Series.

Thomas in the Maze Runner.

They are all small. Not big. But they lead a revolution. Against the Capitol. Against the Faction System. Against the Trial for finding the death cure.

The Mockingjay. The Dauntless Initiation. The Maze.

Are characters built or revealed? Is nature or nurture stronger?

Katniss knows how to shoot. Her archery is unparalleled.

Tris chooses to be brave, fearless and free by joining Dauntless.

Four is strong and a leader. He has his dominance under control.

Thomas is naturally inquisitive. He questions everything about the maze and the trial.

Pleasure is a corruptive force that strips human beings of their abilities to achieve their inner harmony. Modern technology has granted humanity an abundant basket of options for self-indulgence. We have lost our ability to act as homo-sapiens, a species distinct from all other animals in the animal kingdom. Modern lifestyle has been gradually eroding mankind’s ability to think before they act, their perception over emotions, as well as their dominance under control.

We have succumbed to our primitive and animalistic selves, unable to be on the right path. We compensate for such numbness and lethargy through perpetual self-indulgence on the internet, slowly losing our raw selves to the artificial.

It is only through pondering about the future that awakens the human soul.

and the future of jobs

Phones, Tablets, Machines, Androids, Algorithms.

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. What was once considered impossible is now reality.

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Social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic was supported by a multitude of technologies. Social media apps allow us to connect to the outside world at the click of a button. Twitter feed, Facebook posts, as well as YouTube videos provide us with a rich choice of entertainment to ease our boredom, information to keep us informed about the pandemic, and even education videos to help us cope with school work.

But would the catalyst that have been making our lives…

A trajectory is the path that an object in motion travels through. What about us? What about our everyday lives? Is our trajectory in life predetermined or do we have control over our destiny?

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If you think about it, none of us has chosen to be born on Earth. And we certainly do not have the freedom to dictate our backgrounds. Some are wealthy, some are poor. Some have loving parents, others have broken families. Most of us are healthy, a few are born with disabilities for life.

See, no one’s circumstances are perfect. And yet we are often jealous…

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Wear a necklace of hope, side by side with me.

Why did Katniss sing a necklace of hope instead of a necklace of rope?

What’s the difference between hope and rope?

Hope unites people. Rope divides us.

Hope pacifies. Rope antagonizes.

Being hopeful means looking forward to the future with positive expectations.

Wearing a necklace of rope is holding on grudges and letting emotions consume oneself.

Justice is an idealistic principle that attempts to convince us that society is not apathetic or indifferent to our pain and suffering. In a broad sense, it serves as a theoretical foundation for giving people what they deserve. Human’s desire for life to be fair is the inception of justice.

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But is our desire for society to be fair as righteous and ethical as we perceive it to be?

Retributive justice is a form of justice that results in the restoration of suffering in another person. The perpetrator responsible for a wrongdoing receives retribution in the name of justice. …

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Are you hungry? Are you bored? Or are you tired?

We eat to eliminate hunger. We play video games to avoid boredom and we sleep to prevent fatigue.

Some people say life is wonderful. The nature. The people. The music. But I’d like to give you another perspective on the human experience which we call life.

Most of our time spent on Earth is spent eliminating suffering. Think about it. Intrinsically, we execute an action mostly based on our physiological needs.

And why living on Earth is ‘Just Right’

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Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Written by Robert Southey, Goldilocks and the Three Bears was once a fairy tale that inspired numerous poems, books and movies. To this day, it has become one of the most popular fairy tales loved by children and adults.

In the story, a little girl named Goldilocks accidentally stumbles into a cottage in the woods. She finds three bowls of porridge on a table. One of them is too hot, another one is too cold and the middle one is ‘just right’.


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‘Improvise, Adapt and Overcome’ is an unofficial slogan of the United States Marines. Interestingly, this 3-word mantra encapsulates the whole notion of the Red Queen Hypothesis in evolutionary biology.

In Lewis Carroll’s Into the Looking Glass, the Red Queen notes:

“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.”


Proposed in 1973 by Leigh Van Valen, the hypothesis states that organisms and must constantly adapt, evolve, and reproduce to survive and gain a fitness advantage, while pitted against perpetually-evolving species.

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